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valve tick?

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sound like something in the back bank is ticking when ever the cam should be hitting the valves. it too rapid to be anything with the pistion and it does get faster when i rev the engine. also it seems to be vibrating a little more and the other day it felt like one cylinder was misfiring. this weekend i'm going to pull out the intake pleum and clean that and try and clean what ever i can from the top of the engine. i'm going to try and get a video/sound of it and find somewhere to host it as well.

also so i started doing this after i seafoamed the engine (gas, oil, intake) and got the timing belt changed. i dont think it's a timing issue since it's only feels one clyinder is missing and it hasn't given me any cel's
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i tink it's a lack of oil that's getting to that spot. try using lucas and see it it goes away.
You have a nosiy lifter. I have had the same problem for as long as I've owned the car. Its not harming anything. Its just that one of the lifters is stuck.

Lucas helps some people. Didn't help me........I've tried every product you can think of and still its no use. If you try the Lucas and it dosn't help. Forget about it and just live with it or have it fixed. It costs about $350 to get it fixed 2.
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