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Help Please: I was driving my van (97 previa) last weekend and it just died out, no warning sign what so ever. It will start up again at any time, the problem is that it will not stay on. It does no difference if I step on the gas to try to keep it going, it's like not registering that command.
I replaced the fuel pump because a friend suguested that was the main culprit, but problem is still the same (the gas filter was replaced in mid summer) . It's not staying on long enough to register any trouble codes (I have an OBDII scanner and the repair manual)
I checked the fuse & most of the relays (main relay, EFI relay, fuel pump relay, Operating relay?). I should mention That the spark plugs, cables & cap & rotor are pretty new. I tested the coil, still the same problem. Imagine yourself turning on your car and as soon as it goes on you turn the key off. I can do that all day until the battery is drain.

I apply voltage directly from the fuse panel to the fuel pump connector and I can hear the pump working, immediately I turn the key to start it but it still dies right away. I replace my fuel filter every year and this one has only 3-4 months. This weekend I will replace the fuel filter just to make sure it's not that. Then I will check to see just how much fuel is comming back on the return line. It's been one long week with out my previa, and I am determine to fix it myself and with your advise.

Can anyone please direct me to the component that I might have over look. I Will appreciate greatly any good advise.

Thank you for you time.
Anthony D.
97 Previa LE/SC
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