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Vancouver BC Meet

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I am new to this site, but I noticed that there are not a lot of Vancouver people, or are you all just hiding out? I live near Van, and I think a meet would be great! I will propose a date, lets say Sunday, July 25th, 2004. If anyone is interested, just reply to this thread, and suggest a meeting place. ALL Toyota products would be welcome as it seems there has been low attendance at past meets. Let me know...
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I'll actually be up in Vancouver during that time. If there are enough ppl for a meet, I'll try to stop by. No, I'm not driving up there :p
My car still doesn't run yet, I took it apart about a year ago and finally have the turbo hanging off the engine, but have to connect a few things before I can make it.
Hey. there are a ton of people from vancouver on a Canadian based Toyota forum who love to participate in meets. Give that a try to bring in more people to your Vancouver meet.
there's a bunch of us corolla guys here in vancouver that have meets. except we usually post on
I'm up for a meet sometime this summer! Try to round up some people.
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