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Venom Fuel Pump And Injectors

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i got venum fuel pump and injectors installed. Do any of you have any experience with this product?
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nice ride.. was that CF vinyl overlay on everything?
interior.. around the gauges, radio, and all
Good buddy of mine had venom injectors in his VQ30DET. He wasn't pleased with it at all, had OEMs put back in.
whats VQ30DET?. do you know what was wrong with it? did he have the fuel pump as well. thankx
thank you for the engine code. i got the c/f kit from a local shop in so cal. i will call them up today, see if they still could get that kit. let you guys know.
they could still get the kit. He told me its a synthetic like material. Goes around $300.00
ECT ON PWR said:
i got venum fuel pump and injectors installed. Do any of you have any experience with this product?
Did your stock injectors and pump fail?
no my stock injectors didnt fail. the venum injectors are more towrds performance thats why i got them
isn't that just a waste of money then?:confused:

unless you're planning on boosting....and even then, you'd be better off w/ bigger injectors w/ management
to actually need something as...shall we getting new injectors and fuel pump, you'll have to run something pretty big such as boost or at least a blower....

even if you get headers, intake, exhaust, etc etc, you won't need injectors
it's kinda like getting an safc for bolt-ons
they are only 10% bigger. so your really 100% sure injectors are for boosting only?
plus i got ecu upgrade and venom 400, the injectors responded just fine
if your engine stock to mildly modded, those larger injectors and pump are doing more harm than good. Your car is prolly burning really rich creating more carbon buildup in your engine. Your cat is prolly getting clogged and eaten up as we speak. Even if all this damaging stuff wasn't happening, you've just increased your already high gas bill in exchange for none to minimal performance gain. You're making alot of tree huggers mad right now at the same time bringing smiles to executives of Exxon :D
the injectors just flow better. 10% better flow. and everything is just fine. i am burning very little more fuel. hard to notice
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