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Now I only have velocity stacks with Pipercross filters :D
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Nice work.. is that 4 carbs on a 4A-FE head, or a 4A-F to begin with?

nice job... looks sweet... Go like a rocket or what?

*edit* now i also get why your carb fell off... :)
yeah, it revs nicely... tho its a bitch to pass emissions with ;P I'm still trying.. hehehe.. Hydrocarbons are WAY UP ;P
haha, the beauty of relaxed emmissions ;)
yeah, you guys have it easy:rolleyes:
where did the carbs come from? are they from a motrcycle? wowo i have a carb set up for a honda 750 4k in my shed...hmmm;)
nice fricking job guy, i have one also and i always wanted to do some mods on mine can you tell how you did it ?
had the manifold fabricated.. had the carbs stuck on there..
that was pretty much it :cool:
You're running too rich with high HC.
Great job :thumbup:
Nice to see people working on the F head ;)
You're running too rich with high HC.
Only if both CO and HC are high, then it would be rich. But that would mean REALLY high, because the CO would rocket up first. Timing or intake leaks are a tattle tale sign for high HC and low CO. :rolleyes:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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