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His car looks a lot like my '95 Tercel after my
accident in September--only my Tercel has damage all
the way from the front left to the front right. I don't
understand why the damn air bag didn't deploy--my head
still hurts 3 months later. I'd guess the ole noggin is
70 percent back to normal. It's taking sweet time.

My only consolation is knowing that "Eight-Second
Buzzer Boy" LOUIE WYMAN is barbequing in Hades every night.

Wyman, Ford, and Nixon's muzzling of the NHTSA has led
to millions of unnecessary injuries and deaths since

I call upon the "House Un-American Activities Committee" to
sepoena those Crooks from hell. On second thought, I suppose
the leaders of that Committee are roasting down under, too.

I asked the Ebay seller of that smashed up 1988 Corolla how
he got a concussion while wearing his belt. I was disappointed
to learn one can still get a concussion while wearing the
belt. His answer was:

"Errr... well due to the incline in which the
tree sat there was some lateral movement and I met
the sill of the door rather smartly with my head. Nothing to
worry about, I'm sure - cluck cluck gibber gibber."

Heh. Would anyone know if side air bags will deploy in a
head-on collision, or will they only deploy if the car hits
something along the car's sides?

By the way, a funny coincidence is that his '88 Corolla and
my '95 Tercel both only had 33,000 miles on them at the time of
their accidents.
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