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A couple of weeks ago my 01 Sequoia started idling very rough in park and when in drive at a stop. It would idle very rough until it shifted out of first gear and then seemed to take longer getting up to speed. The check engine light came on, along with both VSC lights. Figured I got a bad batch of gas and ran some injector cleaner through it. A couple of days later, it was back to normal.

This past weekend, I changed the plugs and the fuel filter as a precaution. As soon as I did that, the VSC lights and check engine lights were again on and its idling rough again.

How can I make sure that the coils are making contact with the plugs and firing correctly? If it had plug wires, I would just clamp the inductive pick-up on the wires and make sure each one could light the timing light. How would I do this on the Sequoia? I've seen the pen type lights that you touch to the plug wires, but would that work on the coil pack?

How can I reset the computer? I disconnected the battery for 45 minutes, but that didn't seem to do any good.

Any other suggestions????
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