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Vibes from 1" blocks?

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Can anyone tell me if they got the famous driveline vibration when they added 1" blocks after having the rear spring TSB done?

Thanks for the help!

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Which one of the many famous vibes is the "famous vibe" you are referring to?

If you are talking about the "shudder" that makes itself known at take-off and deceleration, I noticed little or no difference after the 1" block. The shudder was basically the same. The Tom Woods conventional almost entirely took care of it.

We really need to try to 'tighten-up' the way we refer to a 'vibe'. There are numerous vibrations, and no one knows what anyone else is talking about until described in great detail.

So... start describing! :lol:
one thing you could try, i use axle shims, cause it's the cheapest thing to try first.
I got the driveline "shudder" when I put my 1" blocks in. I had it slightly before the blocks with just the TSB springs and it got worse with the blocks. I tried axle shims and a carrier bearing drop and didn't do much of anything. Recently got the Tom Woods one piece driveshaft and that vibe is gone...replaced with another one at highway speeds under acceleration. I think this one might be because I still have the axle shims in and either need to remove them or get smaller ones to angle the pinion down a little farther.
Before messing around with shims and pinion angles, make sure you know what you are adjusting.

Click on this link, scroll down to "Geometry 101"...

Yeah I've looked at that and from what I have read and researched, I "think" that my pinion angle is a little too high. I have the double cardan shaft and when you look at the pinion angle, it's pretty much lined up straight on with the shaft. Supposedly this is the ideal setup, but when I get to highway speeds and accelerate hard I get a vibe. I "think" this is due to the pinion climb. So when the weather gets nicer I'll mess around with taking the shims out and see what happens. Overall it's a big improvement just to get rid of the shudder, even with the new found high speed vibe.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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