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Vibrate at high speed

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Vibrates when it hits around 65mph and more when it speeds up.
Changed the tires and balanced.
Struts and shocks are replaced
Front & Rear brake are replaced
Wheel alignment is done.
What can cause the vibration??
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What kind of mileage do you have? Motor mounts can cause vibrations too. Balljoints? The first place that I would check would be the tie-rods. These are the three other front-end components that you did not mention.
The tie-rods and ball joints are easy to check. Safely raise the front of the vehicle. Attempt to wiggle the wheels. If you hold them on each side and they wiggle then there is play in a tie-rod. If you hold them at the top and bottom and they wiggle then you have play in the ball joint.
As far as the mounts go, does it vibrate while sitting at stop lights? If so then you have some worn mounts. The mounts are kinda pricey, but if you are getting anywhere near 150K miles you will need them soon.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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