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Vibration at idle

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I own an 88 DLX with the 3SFE engine and an automatic transmission. The engine runs well but experiences moments of vibration at idle. The vibration can be felt through the steering wheel and shifter. While sitting at a light, it will sometimes be very smooth and at other times will vibrate noticeably. Sometimes it will acturally transition from smooth to vibration and then back to smooth during the course of a long light. I'ts almost as if a vacuum swith is being activated or something of that sort. I was thinking that it may be the EGR valve or something of that type. Can anyone shed some light on the subject?

John K.
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i have a 97 and when i first purchased it it did the same thing, i did a fule tune up onthe motor and redid the front brakes and i dont have any vibration anymore
i had that problem when I got mine too. it was the rack and pinion. hopefully its not that cause it costs too much
It may be time to clean out the throttle body and see if that helps, the throttle position sensor may need some cleaning and check that the idle speed motor moves freely.

Oh yeah,
Are you turning the steering whell at all?
Or loading the engine while it is idling with a stereo, window defogger, or your head lights?

Try turning those off and see if it is still doing that.
my camry also did this at idle, and i got some cleaner for the fuel injectors and it cleared most of the vibrating up, so maybe your injectors are dirty...

i used an additive of somekind, and it's just for cleaning the injectors and other various parts, dont know much about it, but it worked!!
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