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Vibration between 35-65 mph

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Just bought this 97 SR5 4WD. (175K miles)
I thought the tires were bad so I put brand new BFG All Terrain's on it. I still have a bad vibration between 35 mph and 65mph.
I have an appt next week with a transmission shop but would like to fix myself if possible.
Thanks in advance for all suggestions!
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If it's just speed related and not RPM related, it's probably in the wheels or driveline. THe wheels themselves can sometimes be unbalanced as well as the driveline. Feel for extra play in the driveline before getting it balanced.
I had the wheels balanced and the front end aligned. It still happens between 35-65 mph.
What would RPM related be?
where do you feel the vibration, if you feel it in the steering wheel then it is coming from the front axle somewhere, if you dont feel it there then usually it is either the driveline or rear axle. let us know to help you better. when you had the front end alighned how bad did they say it was?

The front end alignment wasn't out by much. He said he wasn't even going to charge me for it since they didn't really do anything. When it starts to vibrate I cannot feel it in the steering wheel at all. It'll rattle a drink right out of the cup holders. It vibrates when it's in gear and accelerating or decelerating. If I find a happy meduim (like going down a hill) it stops momentarily. Could it be something as simple as a U-Joint?
Highly possible. when was the last time they were lubed, try it if it helps then you know the problem. this will not solve the problem though the u joint will have to be replaced if it's the problem. if not try watching your rear tires in the rear view mirrow and see if there is alot of wobble, if there is it could be a problem with the drums. also check your dif fluid to see if it needs changed or low, never hurts just to check.

Also you may want to ask the tire balance shop if they will road force balance them, instead of just balancing them. I have found the only place around here that can blance a wheel and tire combination to my specification is the dealer.
I'll let ya'll know what I come up with. Hope to have the problem fixed this week. Thanks for everyone's input
RPM related - changes with the engine's speed, not the car's.
I'd say it's probably in the driveline from what you described.
My appt is Thursday. I will post the diagnosis when they call....
It ended up being a rear U-Joint. I think he charged me a little much for it but I'm happy. I finally have a smooth ride....and a happy wife.
Thanks for all of the input
Glad you found the problem and got it fixed.
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