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If you have read any of my other posts You will know I removed
my 3” above strut mount spacers and why.
That cured a lot of problems, But in the last week I felt what I thought
was to much play ( or right to left movement ) in my steering ,
So I took my truck to my dealer and was told although I had removed
the lift the damage was done, And I now need to replace the trucks
Rack and Pinion $500.00, The mechanic told me, Not only was the
above strut mounted spacer lifts the worst lift on the market, But the
people selling these lifts either don’t care about the damage the lifts
cause or they are stupid. So fare that above strut lift I had purchased
for such a great deal, Has cost me almost $1000.00 in repairs.
For that and what I paid for the lift I could have purchase a good set
of adjustable coil overs.
I hope the people that read this, Learn by my mistakes.
If you can afford to do it right don’t do it at all, Until you can.
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