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I’m still chasing this vibration that I think I’ve narrowed down, somewhat.

So, I’ve replaced the entire front suspension on my 97. That includes the inner and outer tie rods, the sway bar links, front struts, ball joints, and control arms. All of which were in horrible condition. Each item I replaced seemed to make the car more comfortable, but there is this slight vibration coming from the front end.

I took the liberty of rotating the tires and balancing all of them, and the vibration is still there. I have noticed that it doesn’t vibrate when it’s cold outside, only when I’ve been driving for some time and it’s warmer outside.

That leads me to believe that my front wheel bearings are making the vibration, and I can hear and feel the left front wheel vibrate. However, another concern I have is that the front wheels “shimmy” between 15-25 MPH. I would normally say that is the front axles vibrating, but those are new, and they still shimmy when I’m off the gas.

I don’t have a problem with replacing the front wheel bearings, but I’m just tired of throwing parts at this thing. The only things that aren’t brand new on the front is the wheel bearings and the front pads and rotors.

I was also thinking that the wheels might be bent, but the vibration isn’t constant. So if someone agrees with me and thinks my wheel bearings are what are causing this vibration, then I’ll just bite the bullet.
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