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The Supra name isn’t supposed to be taken lightly — it’s supposed to be the flagship Toyota performance machine. Yet for many on the outside looking in, it seems like the Japanese automaker has outsourced its sports car to BMW. Yes, the Supra was co-developed with the BMW Z4, and it utilizes mostly BMW parts, including one of the most important parts of all, the engine.

But after sending the new Supra around Summit Point Motorsports Park with an almost unlimited number of laps, one thing is clear: this is a fantastic sports car and one that lives up to the high standard set by hardcore fans, enthusiasts, and gearheads. Anyone concerned that a Toyota Supra can’t be made from German ingredients has to get some seat time in this car because it’s impressive just how capable the new rear-wheel-drive coupe is.

Sizing it Up

To start, the Supra is tiny. It’s just about six inches longer in overall length when compared to Toyota’s 86 (also known as the Subaru BRZ), yet it features a shorter wheelbase, a wider track, and is 0.3 inches taller. It looks like true a sports car, too, with its long hood, short deck, wide hips, and exaggerated fender flares. Because it’s a pure-bred sports car, there are no rear seats and there’s a significant amount of reinforcements throughout the chassis to ensure the car is stiff and responsive. Toyota set out to make a car that is more rigid than the 86, and managed that feat by 2.3 times, getting closer to the carbon fiber supercar wonder that is the Lexus LFA.

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