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Hey All,

New here.
I recently picked up a used 06 highlander hybrid. Its been a great SUV but has one issue...The FOB for the Viper alarm that it had installed (previous owner) is no longer unlocking my doors consistently. It will if I do it sometimes from inside the cabin, but if i lock the car and try to unlock it with the FOB, it simply does the double beep but doesnt trigger the door actuators. The door switches work just fine, so its not a fuse or electrical issue. I think its a program issue. I had a mechanic regrease the intermittent steering column 2 weeks ago, but he insists he didnt touch anything with the battery or the alarm system...yet since then, the alarm doesnt work for unlocking. Again, the fob triggers the single and double beeps just fine, and set the alarm, as well as locks the doors, but doesn't unlock the doors. I also cant tell if it deactivates the alarm, but using the key on the door seems to and it lets me drive it just fine.

What are my options here? Can i try reprogramming the lock/unlock mechanism with my viper alarm? Google searches for Viper alarm + toyota highlander seem to be nonexistant. Need your guys' help here.

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Before I throw my guess at what is going on, does the car have the OEM toyota alarm? Standard key or push to start?

I'm guessing it's a loose connection between the viper's unlock wire and your car's unlock trigger wire. You still get the double chirp as your horn is a separate connection and it will sound regardless if your viper has the unlock/lock trigger hooked. I doubt it is the programming sequence. I've worked with many viper and DEI alarms/RS and it's usually a wiring program with unlock/lock as you can't program much, either a single pulse or double pulse or combos in between. Remote start is where you need to mess with programming.
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