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Okay, ever since i've had my car ('96 4-cyl LE) i've been meaning to give it a wash. My main concern are the windows. The windshield looks like it's got little beads of sap all over it, but no matter how hard i scratch it with my fingernails, it won't come off. Is there any chemical that's easy on glass but will take that off? I haven't even had the time to try windex, so i don't know if it'll work.

Also, all my side windows and rear window take moisture and turn it into a solid opaque annoyance. If it's been drizzling all night I have to use my rear defroster just so I can see out the back. Not even cold, just wet. Is there some sort of treatment I can do so the water beads up unstead of misting out and causing visibility issues?

One more thing. All my side windows and my rear window have a really weak tint on them. The tint was on there when I got the car, and the driver's window is in sad shape. Because it's always going up and down, the tint has peeled off the lower 2 inches of the window. I want to get rid of the tint completely and maybe have it retinted a little darker. How do I get the tint off completely? Where it's come off by itself on the driver's window, it's left a thick, opaque adhesive. Is there another chemical that can take that off?

Also, should I attempt to remove the tint myself or is there a good chance i'll break something? That rear tint is bubbled, and combined with the morning fogging issue, some mornings I have to drive fast enough that I only have to worry about things in front of me.
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