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VM002: (Defunct) Moritmoto Elite (2015) HID Low Beams, 2stroke LED High Beams, XB LED Fog Lights

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Hi all,

Just noticed I never made a thread on my head light setup so here is what I got:
  • Morimoto (2015) Elite HID 35W 5000K HID H11
    • 56,451 miles
    • 3/16/2015
  • Morimoto (2015 Warrantied) Elite HID 35W 5000K HID H11B
    • Mileage unknown
    • 2015
  • Morimoto (1st Gen) 2stroke LED 9005
    • 75,980 miles
    • 11/28/2016
  • Morimoto (2017) 5500K XB HID H11
    • Mileage unknown
    • 11/30/2017
  • Moritmoto XB LED Projector Fog Lights with Yellow Film (For Toyota)
    • 90,697 miles
    • 5/7/2018
Important Information
When using the AUTO/DRL function, when the low beams automatically come on there is a chance for only one side to turn on.This will only happen intermediately. I believe this is due to not having enough signal voltage to power on the HIDs. The resolution for this is to not use the AUTO/DRL function and to either have the low beams ON or OFF as when using the lights this way they have always worked.

In addition, the AUTO/DRL function when using LEDs can cause the lights to flicker. The fix for this is to use a special wiring harness but since I don't use the AUTO/DRL function I do not need this.

For my DRL's I just use my fog lights. While it does seem that I have OEM wiring for the fog lights, I didn't have a reliable answer on how this would work from when I first installed my original halogen fog lights. Instead I just used the eBay wiring harness and I have it so that the only time the fog lights come on is when it gets signal from the ACC wire. When this happen it then draws power directly from the battery. I also have a switch so I can turn on or off the fog lights anytime I want as long as I am on ACC or ON.

Ballast Locations

Headlight View

Light View

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With some LED lights you need R4 decoders to stop the flickering. As you know the Retrofit Source is a good place to get them.
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Those look great. Wish you had some before and after pics/videos to truly highlight the improvement.
Those look great. Wish you had some before and after pics/videos to truly highlight the improvement.
Yep, it's been far too long since I had them. I might just grab some halogen bulbs and take some pictures but it's not a high priority to do. Main thing I can say is that the head light housings themselves really do suck compared to my mom's 2013 Sienna and it's halogen. Sienna wins hands down.
Vangm25, if you want decoders for your DRL's to stop flickering (but run full power) shoot me a PM, I have my old set when I sold my Camry.

Also, the stock projectors do suck, the D2S MDX retros I put in were night and day better.
I don't have plans for any decoders since I don't use the AUTO/DRL function. Thanks though. Retrofit one day...
any recommendation on upgrading stock bulbs if i don't want to mess with setting up HIDs?
My old lights were damaged in a car accident so this thread is now defunct.

My new threads are here:

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