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08 Toyota Camry 2AZ-FE R9K Tuned
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Hi all,

I decided on making another thread for my Rexing V1P 3rd Generation dash cam. I got this around November 2018 so I have had it for quite a while. Before this I had two other dash cams that I used for the front and the rear, these ones I have had for awhile but overtime they've tended to glitch a bit so I decided to replace them with the Rexing. These were just some decently no-name eBay dash cams that worked decently prior to glitching from age. Otherwise the Rexing since I have had it has not had any glitches and has worked good overall. It does have 4K capability but when using the dual camera's I can only use 1080p which is works fine. Generally what I learned with my current GoPro is that 1080p is fine for a majority of what you do in addition for both the GoPro and Rexing, night recording is difficult. I have the Rexing powered through the power adapter and the wires mostly well hidden. While I could hard wire the camera, I rather not as with my experience with my previous dash cams a upgrade will eventually come.

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