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08 Toyota Camry 2AZ-FE R9K Tuned
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Hi all,

This one is pretty self-explanatory, it's a Megan Racing Front Strut Bar. I can't say there was that much of a difference of before and after I installed it but for less than $100 I can't complain much.

I have thought about adding the Ultra Racing components but my main fear is "not all performance upgrades are good upgrades" in that I have no clue how my Camry will perform and how much comfort will be retained if I were to add them.

Lately I have been thinking about coilovers and lowering springs but no how much I think about it, I just can't decide if I want it. My Camry is my daily driver and it is meant to do almost anything and everything with minimal difficulty. I have to drive in the snow, we have bad roads, I never know when I need to drive on gravel, and I never know when I need to drive on grass. Being lowered even just an inch is likely to make a lot of that harder in addition if I were to add the Ultra Racing Front Lower Subframe it makes it even worse.

I wanna say I have only dealt with one lowered Gen 6 Camry and I believe it had TRD springs and just lifting it on a hoist was annoying and a un-lowered Gen 6 Camry is already a relative bit of a handful. At most, right now I am thinking KYB Strut-Plu's and a decent set of 18" wheels and tires OR KYB Excel-G and lowering springs and the same set of wheels and tires as before. With either of those two options, a set of front and rear polyurethane sway bar bushings.

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