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Hi all,

This one is cleaned up version of one of my threads about dash covers. As we should all know by this point, the Gen 6 Camry's dash is gonna melt, then shin, then it makes it hard to see due to its reflection. Even though I am in SE Wisconsin where we get weather that ranges from very cold to very hot, I didn't want to take the chance of my dash melting now or later. I suspect it likely is already occurring as a couple years ago on a hot day I pushed my nail into the dash and made a imprint.

So after looking at the numerous options out there, I decided to get the CoverCraft Ltd. Edition Custom Dash Cover in Smoke. The smoke color blends in very well with my interior and the main reason I chose it was because the material is a sort of breathable exercise material instead of a cashmere or carpet material. The other reason why I decided on the dash cover is that I really didn't want my dash to be taken apart as I suspect it will never be the same again after its installation.

If you were to buy any dash cover, I would suggest getting an additional roll of velcro as you can see I went more overboard with how many strips of velcro as I have more than what is in the picture. Driving with all the windows down the dash cover does stay attached to the dash so there is little danger of it flying away.

So whether to prevent your dash from melting or to cover the shine from your melted dash because you were not able to get it warrantied, I would suggest the CoverCraft Ltd Edition Custom Dash Cover or any of their other products that CoverCraft has on their website.

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