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Greetings Forum Members!

I have a 2002 Highlander Limited V6 with 160,000 miles. I love this car!

I have replaced several of the O2 sensors over the years after getting the Check Engine and VSC combination lights. Getting the code, I can narrow which sensor to replace. After each sensor is replaced, I need to reset the yaw of the VSC because the zero point is somehow deleted. I'm familiar with this process and am successful at the zero point calibration each time I need to reset it.

This time though, I do NOT get the normal fast VSC light blink indicating it is resetting. This time I get the ABS light blinking as well as the VSC light. The VSC light actually blinks three times, stays off, and is then followed by nine blinks of the VSC light. This pattern continues.

I have no information from my vehicle code reader.

Does anyone have any thoughts of what else could be happening? The VSC blinking light in 3 and then 9 blinks in a set seems to be part of it, but I have not found anything online to explain it.

Thank you!

'02 Highlander V6
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You might really have an ABS problem. Look through other threads with that key word. Lots of info there.

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I agree this may be a real issue with the VCS. The blinking pattern of the VSC is what is interesting to me. I am hopeful someone may know exactly what this pattern means.

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Any other thoughts on this issue? The blinking sequence of the VSC lights should indicate something.

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Vsc - see next post for my FIX.

TR = Thread Revival. Normally wouldn't do this, but since there's no answer, maybe we can create one.

Edit: Fixed my issue in the next post. Read thru this if you're bored, but don't DO any of the suggestions before reading the next post.

2003 V6 AWD Limited.

- I have the same issue w/ONLY the VSC light on - NO OTHERS.
- Connected the paperclip as noted online to try and do a 'zero point calibration' / ZPC and only got the 3 + 9 blinks. I wasn't sure I need to do the ZPC but the OP has an '02, and had done it successfully so I'm guessing it's applicable to my '03, too.

- Code 39 is for ,"foreign matter on tip of the wheel speed sensor".

- I just replaced the wheel sensor on the REAR driver's side as I read that's the one causing the issue. Getting the old one out DIDN'T GO WELL. As noted on here those get old and wedged in there. I ended up breaking it off and used a heat gun to essentially melt the rest of it so I could pry it out.

Found this on Lexus site:
Use a piece of wire for this process to short two connectors on the OBDII conector.

1-Connect the wire to terminals Tc-CG on the ODBII connector under the dash.
>>>TC (Pin 13) and CG (Pin 4)

2-Turn ignition switch on
3-Depress the brake pedal 8 or more times within 5 seconds
4-Remove wire
5-Turn off ignition

if it does not work try swapping steps 4&5. It does take a few tries sometimes. Also you may have to turn off the ignition between failed attempts.
Hope that helps.
- I also found THIS about how hooking up an OBD2 scanner can cause this issue:

There have been several complaints about the VSC light going on without another code…and it all seems to be related to AFTER a OBD-II reader was hooked up.

Directly from the web-site.

Cause: The code reader or other OBDII device has attempted to communicate with the 4Runner using the CAN protocol (involving pin #14) and this has caused the 4Runner to erase the “zero point calibration” numbers in its memory.

- Also, a weak, old battery can be to blame. Mine is 6 years old and was dead for the 1st time when I went to restart my car after replacing the wheel sensor.
>>Edit: Replaced w/brand new Interstate battery from Costco and still got that damn light.

- This LINK lists the code as C1239, and has more info.

What caused mine?
- I hooked up an OBD2 ELM327 WiFi scanner using a 'CARLY for Toyota' app on my iPhone. Free version. I was checking to see how it worked vs. my OBD2 code scanner. Apparently that was a mistake. :headbang:
- After I disconnected and unplugged the scanner the VSC light AND ONLY the VSC light came on.


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This is what I tried and worked on my 2003 V6 AWD Limited Highlander.

I 'think' that the previous stuff I found used the incorrect terminals FOR MY HIGHLANDER. What worked for me is the Ts and CG terminals, NOT the Tc and CG terminals (see attached). I believe the TC and CG terminals are for Diagnostics, not actually performing the Zero Point Calibration.

Maybe the terminals changed in '04 + (?) as that seems to be more common on the other posts I found and did not work for me.

This is from a TSB (attached) for a 2003 4Runner - VSC LIGHT ON – DTC C1203 – BR005-03 December 4, 2003

At the bottom of the TSB:

Zero Point Calibration of Yaw Rate and Deceleration Sensors Using
SST 09843–18040
(Toyota's proprietary tool - NOT NEEDED for this to work)

The OBD2 or OBDII connector on all cars since 1996 is also called a Data Link Connector 3 ( DLC3 ) by Toyota .

- The SST tool connects the two terminals together, which can be done using 1 or 2 pieces of wire. I used 2 paperclips that I unbent to insert one end into the OBD2/ DLC3 connector terminal and the other end could easily connect w/the other paperclip in its terminal.

When having replaced the yaw rate sensor, deceleration sensor or the ECU, perform the
process for zero point of yaw rate and deceleration sensors as shown below.
- Edit: Or if the VSC light will NOT go out for another reason!

While performing the zero point procedure, do not tilt, move or shake the vehicle. The
vehicle must remain in a stationary condition throughout the entire process. Do not
start the engine and be sure to perform the procedure on a level surface with an
inclination of less than 1%.

NOTE: I've replaced 'SST 09843–18040' with 'paper clips' in the below. See the attached for the original text.

1. Ensure the shift lever is in “P” range.

2. Turn the ignition switch ON.

3. Using Paper Clips, repeat a cycle of short and open between terminals Ts and CG of DLC3 4 times or more within 8 seconds. (Touch the paperclips together rapidly.)
Verify that the VSC indicator light is lit indicating the recorded zero point is erased.

4. Turn the ignition switch OFF.

5. Be sure the terminals Ts and CG of DLC3 are disconnected. (Paperclips not touching.)

6. Turn the ignition switch ON.

7. Check that the VSC warning light goes off about 15 seconds after the ignition switch is turned ON.
>>(My VSC light did NOT go off. But I proceeded w/the instructions and it still worked.)

8. After ensuring that the VSC warning light remains OFF for 2 seconds, turn the ignition switch OFF.
>>(Repeat: My VSC light did NOT go off. But I proceeded w/the instructions and it still worked.)

9. Connect the terminal Ts and CG of DLC3 using Paper Clips.

10. Turn the ignition switch ON.

11. After turning the ignition switch ON, check that the VSC warning light is lit for about 4 seconds and then starts quick blinking at 0.13 second intervals.

12. After ensuring the blinking of the VSC warning light for 2 seconds, turn the ignition switch OFF.

13. Remove the Paper Clips from terminals Ts and CG of DLC3.

Drive the vehicle to confirm there are no re–occurring lights or DTCs.


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