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Hi there*

I have a 2013 plate verso

Today whilst driving I have*got a warning light.*

I took it to the local mechanic who put it on the computer

It came as message as*

Diesel particulate filter differential pressure to high*

Can it be this problem or different as VSC system means something else I believe*

Please find attach pictures

Any help appreciated*



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When a code P244B is stored, you may assume that the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected an input signal from the circuit of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) pressure sensor indicating that differential pressure is too high.*This code is used exclusively in diesel powered vehicles.

DPF systems are used to clean up exhaust emissions in diesel powered vehicles. They remove up to ninety-percent of carbon (soot) from the exhaust. Diesel engines produce black smoke from the exhaust, especially under acceleration. Soot is the main ingredient of the smoke. The DPF filtration element is secured in a steel housing. It resembles a fat muffler or catalytic converter. Positioned ahead of the catalytic converter (and/or the NOx trap), large soot particles are trapped in the DPF element while smaller particles and other (exhaust gas) compounds are allowed to flow through and exit the tailpipe.

Ceramic based cordierite wall fibers are some of the most common elemental compounds that are currently being used in DPF composition. Cordierite is known for its excellent filtration characteristics. It is also known for a tendency to overheat at extreme temperatures, making it susceptible to malfunctions in vehicles equipped with passively rejuvenated DPF systems
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