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Somebody please help! I have a 2004 SEV6 Camry with vsc. The problem im having is that the VSC/TRACOFF light is on, (the check engine light never came on). When I hooked up my obd11 scanner I did't recieve any trouble codes. I pushed in the trac off button several times thinking maybe a relay was stuck, but that didn't help:sosad:. I filled brake fluid reseviour to max line, still nothing. I checked brakes on all corners and decided to change them all, only had about 30% left on them, still nothing. Don't know what else to do, don't really want to take it to the dealer if I don't have to.The car has 52,000 miles on it and have had no trouble with it untill this happened. I keep up on all the maint. that is required, never let the oil change get past 3500 miles and so on. Any help or insight to my problem would be much appreciated!
Thank's in advance
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Dealer, So they can pull trouble codes from the Body Control Module. Since your scanner only pulls from the Powertrain control Module
Might check the online service manuals at the link below. On some later model Toyota's these systems can be read using the dash lights (they will blink).
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