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VVME HID kit install high beam problems

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first of all , i tried to search the forum for an answer the this problem, but couldn't find anything that applied to my situation.

I just installed an HID kit that i ordered last week from VVME.COM . i installed a bi-xenon 9007 4300K kit with one of their bi-xenon relay harnesses. the low beams work fine, and the fog lights still work fine, the main issue starts when i try to turn on the high beams.

with low beams on, fog lights on, the high beams turn on just fine, and the fog lights turn off as expected.
with low beams on, fog lights off, the high beams do not turn on at all.

there is another issue that the interior high beam indicator is always on if the headlights are on at any level, low or high. the light seems to be a bit dimmer when the low beams are on, but it is still clearly illuminated.

all the connectors came pre-assembled from VVME.COM , relay harness included, so i dont believe its a crossed wire unless it was messed up from the vvme factory. all of my grounds are isolated and seem to have pretty good contact, clearly enough to allow the lights to turn on.

one thing i tried was to plug an old halogen bulb into the unused factory headlights socket. i believe this corrected the problems, but created its own new one with having a random bulb on in the engine compartment. however, i was wondering what anyone thought about jumping the unused headlamp socket to the HID-used socket, so there are no open circuits anymore.

I can be long winded, i know. sorry if this is confusing, but any help is much appreciated.
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I tried to connect VVME customer service... and they replied me with several emails to solve the problems patiently.. they suggest me to check the ballast installation.... anyhow, i tried but no i need a professional advice...
100% the middle connector and side connector are reversed. I've installed 4 sets of 9007 bulbs from these guys and they've all been the same. I'll get you some information in a second.

maybe i'm crazy but a quick google search provides this exact post and the solution is in post 13
and also about this i searched in google..... same same............:chug:
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