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VW guy and I need a big favor from someone (measurement)

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So I do have a 4Runner and love it but I have a question regarding my VW project. When building a 16V G60 hybrid, we run into a belt routing problem. I started searching around for alternative belt tensioners and see that the Corolla tensioner (although problematic) might work. As you can see, the stock VW belt tensioner is a little big. This guy has a lot of extra wrap around the charger because he added an idler pulley. I think I can just replace the tensioner with a Corolla part and voila, it should work.

So 3 center to center dimensions would be super helpful. I'm looking for the length of the shock, length of shock mount to pivot hole. And finally, from pivot hole to pulley. And if it looks like it will work, does anyone have a used one they can sell for cheap?
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Autozone sells the replacement Corolla belt tensioner for $115. RockAuto has it for $83.

Or you could try a junkyard...
Yeah, I guess if someone had a broken one laying around and wanted to measure it for me I'd appreciate it. Really, just the distance from the pivot point to the pulley would be super helpful and help me avoid some unnecessary stops. Doesn't have to be that accurate, I just can't judge the length of it from pictures online.
I'd hook you up, but I don't have any engine parts except the ones on my block ;-)

Do you have a car parts store you could stop by at? I'm sure they'd be cool with you bringing a digital caliper to examine one right out of the box.
From the pivot point to the outside edge of the pulley it is:

5 11/16" - 145 mm

The length of the shock from the center of hole to hole is:

3 11/16" - 94mm

Shock mount to pivot hole:

2 9/16" -65mm

Those numbers are as close as I can get.
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Sweet thanks! It looks like it should work. I'll have to get one somehow.
Sweet thanks! It looks like it should work. I'll have to get one somehow.
What's the latest on this project?
What's the latest on this project?

Well, I went to go pick one up at Advance Auto and I brought my charger/alternator/bracket assembly with me just to be sure it'd work. I was hoping to mount the top of the shock to that empty hole just above the yellow bolt in the picture. But unfortunately the shock doesn't pivot enough and it would end up being a few inches above that hole. I could make a link of sorts but I wanted to avoid fabricating too much.

Soooo, I did some more searching and ended up ordering a 98 Ford Escort tensioner. It will end up looking like this:

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