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wagon bodykit ideas

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HELP! body kit fitting

ok i kno my photoshop skills are bad. but here is a concept i was playing with for my wagon.

- extreme dimensions swift front bumper
- extreme dimensions swift side skirts
- rage euro 17x7 wheels

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Get the Erebuni shogun kit... it fits about 10000000 times better than those copies. I had the erebuni kit and it fit fine. Other have gotten the copies and they're thin and they didn't fit right.
i guess my next question is can an experienced bodyshop make the cheaper one fit?
Nah, your chop skillz are fine man. Just change the hue to match your cars color more. It takes a while, but it's worth it for that final product.

The cheaper kits aren't worth saving the money. They're flimzy. And they usually don't fit right. I wouldn't trust them. You have to pay the extra money for quality. That's always the case.

Since your into chopping, try your hand at this:

We need some more involvement from the Camry community. Even if your not going to buy the kit, some new ideas are always helpful.

Good luck on the kit,
ok...besides erebuni is there any other worth-while company? what about versus motorsport bodykits?
read the Camry FAQ...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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