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Wagon Liftgate/hatch stuck

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My girlfriend has a 93 Wagon and just called me saying the hatch is jammed half-latched. It won't shut all the way or open; she's tried the handle, key, and the lock button on the dash. There's no release by the gas lever like on a sedan. Are there any known tricks to free it up? I've tried searching all over the internet and haven't come up with much since there were so few wagons compared to sedans.

I'm going to have to drive out and try to fix it tomorrow. Can you remove the door panel on the hatch from inside? What would I be able to do from inside of it anyways? Sounds like the latch itself is messed up, not just the handle since it can't be shut all the way by pushing on it.
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I had something similar happen to my Outback hatch. Unless something is mechanically broken a liberal dose of your favorite penetrating oil or silicone spray to lubricate and unstick any stuck parts will likely take care of it. Use the straw that comes with the can to direct the spray to the latch. Spray a bit, let sit, try to close or open, spray a bit more, etc.
Try pushing and pulling on the hatch while you turn the key, and maybe she'll free up.
If its in the locked position it wont "unlatch." If the handle rusted out (like mine!) it can unlatch if you hold it just right.

Its a good reliable system that doesnt have pieces that wear out or break.

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