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wagon suspension

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I've noticed on my 91' DLX wagon the when I hit a pot hole or something i get a really solid thud from the front wheel. I've also done a U-turn and had something scrape the ground on the front passenger side. Could have been the mudflap, but not something I was expecting. Also when I go over speed bumps, the bottom of the car tends to hit the bump after the front tires get over. All these things combined make me thing that something may be amiss with my springs/shocks. I guess my question is that is this stuff normal for these cars (low clearance, hard over bumps, lots of body roll) or does it seem like I have a suspension problem?
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Your struts and springs are worn out. You're basically bottoming out the strut. And of course, your car sits lower because of the 'wornage' so you have to take bumps slower.

My car is doing the same. Excessive body roll, bottom outs on bumps and shit. And I only weigh 95lbs... I'm waiting for $$$ for coilovers.
i didn't think springs went bad. struts, but not springs. any recommendation for new ones? I'd like to have good load carrying ability and decent ride, so I'm not interested in sport tuning.
does anyone know if the 91 wagons have replaceable strut cartridges or do you have to replace the entire strut?
It does sound like wear

Springs dont really "go bad" they just become worn slowly over time due to the repetetive travel.

Stock coil springs you can get through moog, I've never paid much attention to stock replacements but I know they offer them.

As for Struts, I've never heard anything bad about KYB GR2s as a replacement and I work in an autoparts store which sells them so I would've heard personally. Also, the wagon should have non-servicable struts, I cant tell you for sure because there's always an exception. It should just be the GTS that has the servicable struts leaving the sedan, sr5 and wagon having non-servicable.
What's the difference between a "serviceable" and "non-serviceable" strut?
servicable means where you can replace the strut cartiridges, like on the GTS, non-replacable means you have to replace the whole strut.
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