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Do you mean new wheels?
With new tires, well they just put the new tires on and leave everything else as is.

With new wheels, they may or may not be able to re-use the valve stems / TPMS sensors, depending on if you have alloys or steel wheels.

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oh so the sensor is on the wheel. thats good to know as i plan on keeping the stock wheels but i want new tires :bowdown:
This is what the sensor looks like. The black doodad is the sensor itself, and sits just inside the wheel. There's a nut on the valve stem that holds the whole thing in place.

A tire shop told me that if you ever get a flat repaired at a small garage (ie in BFE-ville), tell them you have a TPMS sensors in the wheel and to break the bead on the opposite side of the valve stem. A few people have reported tire shops breaking their sensors, and maybe that's why...
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