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Want better Rims . . .

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im new to this forum and I have an 03 corolla S and was lookin into gettin bigger rims. alls i got is the stock 15 inch with the hubcaps that come on it. i hate all other rims out there that ive seen. i dont want anything too fancy. anyone know if the 17' rims off the Matrix XRS would fit? i like those, or if there are any out there that look similar? what kind of other work would i need to do if i jump up in size? rotors? speedo adjusments? anything will help. plese point me in the right direction! thanks!
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thanks for the reply. ive looked at those sites and im a simple guy with simple tastes. the matrix ones look appealing to me. i dont want to get them from the dealer cuz theyll charge an arm n leg for em. im hoping its as easy as gettin em and poppin em on my car.
i've seen a 03 (or 04) corolla S with matrix XRS rims (17 inch wheels) in ************* with no mentioning of wheelspaceer. i assume they fit perfect. and they do indeed look awesome, as if it should've came stock with those wheels on the corolla S. other toyota 17 inch oem rims you can look into are the scion tC rims, which i've personally seen on celicas, so i would assume that the rims would fit your corolla too based on the matching bolt pattern (5x100) and somewhat similar offset.
Matrix XRS wheels look good but Scion TC wheels on a Corolla are TEH WIN! :smokin:
only thing with the Tc wheels is that i cant seem to find toyota caps for them.
and that would stop you because??? :confused: I'd still hit it! :D :smokin:
youre absolutely correct. ill look into it. thanks! any place you might know of to get them reasonably priced?
Ditto on TC wheels on a 03-up corolla. Coworker of mine has the gunmetal corolla with TC wheels and tinted windows and looks nice. Course the TC wheels do weigh a few lbs more than the stock 15 in. alloys
in the summer i run 15x7'' American racing estella's go to look up the 95series estrella's there sweet looking rims i got mine for$ 490.00:D you can get em in 16x7''to17x7'' too
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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