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want HID bulb size help!!!

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i just burned out one light on front of my 91 mr2, want a pair HID. i did changed my lights, so is not stock bulb size. i bought new lights from ebay, it is projector, i want to know if the bulb size is H4 or not, so that i can buy the HID thanks a lot!!! dont want cop pull over after drink...:confused:
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real HIDs do not use bulbs... they are like spark plugs in your headlights... high amperage jumps a gap creating light...

if it has a bulb its not real HID
Also, putting HID in a non-HID housing is illegal and looks like crap. The glass front is not made to disperse the light correctly and it will scatter and not light the road.

Lastly, if the HID is less than $600 or so, without housings, look away; it's junk.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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