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If anyone is looking for a line-out convertor to connect a sub/amp to your factory HU, this just might work for you.
I installed it in my 2003 Highlander, and removed it when the car was sold about a year later. It worked great! I do know that this unit is compatible with many factory HUs, however I could not find any documentation that shows which cars are compatible, so please make sure first.

$25 shipped Fedex Ground.

There is a device called a Line Out Converter (LOC) that will change speaker level ouputs to RCA line level inputs for an amp.

Depending on your setup, you can tap off the rear deck speakers, (splicing into the stock wires) and install a variable output LOC. David Navone makes some of the very best as they are noise isolating and have a variable output control knob as well.

Product ID: N-85V Category: Adaptor Products
Description: The N-85V is our best high quality low pass interface device for all OEM systems, even the Delco Bose! The N-85V is a 2 channel device with 12 dB of bass boost centered at 40 Hz with an infra-sonic filter on the bottom end. The N-85V features full transformer isolation to protect factory systems. This device will deliver from 0 up to 9.5 volts with excellent phase compensation. The variable feature permits the system headroom to be adjusted for maximum signal and minimum noise.
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