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Hope this helps someone.
I own a 2003 Tundra 3.4L (5VZ-FE) engine. For this particular model you cannot buy the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS),(it has four electrical connections) you must buy the whole throttle body.
First symptoms: when truck left in the cold for a couple of days, it would start, run, then when you hit the gas, just die. You could restart it, but would not run right till it completely warmed up.
Second symptoms: this progressed to even when the engine was completely warm, you hit the gas and then the engine semi dies, meaning it still runs, but you press on the gas and the peddle feels mushy. Toyota calls this the Limp mode (safe mode).You don't move until you almost press it to the floor. Shifting is rough, banging into the different gears at times. I would then pull off the road, turn the truck off, wait a minute, restart it and it would run perfect. This would happen periodically. This progressed to not running right at all.
First thing I did was clean the throttle body, and check the Ohm resistance of the TPS, (on the left side of the throttle body-near the firewall), the accelerator position sensor. ( on the right side of the throttle body -toward the front of the truck) and the throttle motor (directly below the TPS). They all checked out Good. The symptoms still persisted.
The Fix: While I took off the entire throttle body (easy- 2 bolts and 2 nuts), this can be done without doing that, just easier access and you can clean the throttle body better. Remove the TPS (2 screws).Turn it over and try to turn it, it is supposed to spring back, mine did not. I then sprayed and cleaned it with Super Slick Stuff, although WD40 would probably work just as well. I let the stuff just sit there for a minute then worked the TPS, it started to snap back. I cleaned it a couple of more times working the lever until it snapped back quickly. I put the whole thing back on the truck, Removed all the error codes so the check engine light did not come on, and the took her for a spin. It ran perfectly. Better than spending $1500 on a new Throttle body!!
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