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Want To Test Drive a TC in Toronto

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Hey all,

I've been looking into the TC ever since it was deemed "import-able", but havent had a chance to actually drive one yet. If anyone knows of any dealerships which has a 5 sp one i could try could you please post. I have tried auto trader and all the postings there (for 5sp) were bought out already:hammer:. Thanks!
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You Could send a PM to BLUEMEANIE
I know he's in Canada but I'm not sure what city or even which province. It's worth a shot.
^ lol. Everyone assumes that...??? I live in St. Louis, Missouri. Corn fed and raised in the good ol' midwestern great plains.

akn112 - Try posting this again with a diferent title in the general forum and on as well. You'll need to find people/dealers in the North central to North Eastern US.

btw, my 5spd tC drove like a 5spd Celica GT before I boosted it. Pretty much like any GT from 1990 - the last model. Close ratio with 5th gear landing you at about 4k @ 80mph. Gobs of torque. Not terrible fore long distance but not the best either, not like a Camry. That said I drove mine straight thru from Missouri to Windsor to Toronto and back for a long weekend and it was completely tolerable.

LoL Sorry, I was sure you were in Canada........ hmm :) Shows what I know.
lol. You're not the first to assume that or that I'm Asian. :lol:
thanks for the replies guys. I'll try posting in the general forums in a couple days. I won't have internet for a while so i don't want to post something without replying for too long =) I was definitely interested in the TC ever since 05 but was inadmissable so i gave up pretty fast. Now that the 07 is admissable, im scrambling to find cash to buy one =D They just look so good:naughty:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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