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I got a set of front Weathertech "Floorliner" mats for my Tacoma for Christmas, and REALLY like them.

While wishing that Weathertech would make a matching mat for the rear of a double cab Tacoma, I discovered the Weathertech Application Request Form at

I filled out the form using the following info (you can copy & paste the info in italics below into the "Indicate vehicle" section of the form, as it only allows a limited number of characters):

Indicate vehicle: '06 Toyota Tacoma Dbl Cab - need liner 4 back seat
Product Interest: Floor Liner
Set: 2nd Row Mats

I talked to Jennifer at Weathertech today (800-441-6287), and she told me that a rear floorliner for '05-'06 dbl cab Tacomas is in the works, and should be available in the Spring of '06 (whoohoo!)

She suggested that everyone who is interested in a rear liner fill out the Weathertech Application Request Form as I did, so that the company knows that there is a cont'd interest in the product.


BTW, if you have not already seen them, here is a pic of the Weathertech from mats in a Tacoma (I pulled the black sticker off of my mats, very easily):

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