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Last week I ordered a dash kit from

They charged me for the dash kit, and then they charged me $184 for somebody else's purchase. I called them 3 days ago and they said they would refund me, but they still haven't refunded me yet. It is frustrating that they overcharged me almost 200 bucks and haven't been quick in refunding it.

I'll give them credit, they were very kind over the phone, but this is a mistake that shouldn't happen. When you give your credit card over the internet, you should feel safe knowing that it is a secure purchase, not an e-commerce system where they can use your card number to pay for someone else's dash kit.

Also, they said my dash kit is going to ship 16 days after I placed the order. 16 days! I made other orders and had it at my house in 6 days...its taking them 16 days just to begin to ship it!
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