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Hi all. New user, so I apologize if this has been asked before. Bought a 2016 Corolla at Concord Toyota and they sold me the Platinum Extra Care for $2300. Good deal?

Also, I read an article that advised buyers to make sure that any extended warranty include the following two features: Wear and Tear coverage (as opposed to just Mechanical Breakdown); and that it be Exclusionary, not Named Component coverage. Is that what I've purchased?

I thank you for any help you can provide.


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Congratulations on your new car an welcome to TN.
Tell us more about this warranty, was it from Toyota, or a warranty company?

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I can't tell you much about what it covers but there are a few threads on here that talk about extended warranties exclusively. I think $2300 for one from Toyota is fair from what I have read if it was a no haggle price with good coverage. That said I think a lot of folks have gotten cheaper prices, closer to 1800-2000 or less.
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