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Was sick of my nasty carpet (1 year ago)

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They wanted like $450 for new carpet last year when I checked into it. I thought what a waste of my money because with my truck being the work truck I use it for, I would have trashed that new carpet in no time.

Anyway, here is what I did...

I pulled out the seats, took out the necessary trim pieces holding the carpet, removed the carpet, wrapped the floor wiring connectors with plastic.

I then vacuumed and washed the floorboards down with regular household cleaners, resulting in a dirt-free floor. I then let that thoroughly dry.

I masked off all surrounding interior that meets floorboards with blue painters tape, high enough so overspray wouldn't hit.

I then proceeded to use a good can of body primer and sprayed the entire floorboard. I let that completely dry.

I bought 4 cans of 3M brand truckbed liner(black) and proceeded to spray entire floorboard. Where I wrapped my wireconnectors, I simply lifted them up a lttile to spray beneath them.

I put 3 moderate coats on with full coverage each coat. I Let each coat dry according to the 3M's directions on the can. I think I used 3 total cans and maybe some of the 4th can...not much if any.

It has been nearly a year since I have done this job and only where I keep my left foot on the floorboard when I drive has been worn down a little back to the original paint surface. I might have to shoot a couple squirts on it and that it.

Spill a problem....sand? problem..takes two minutes to vaccuum...

Maybe a slight increarse in noise but not much...I really cant tell.
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sounds like a pretty thorough job there cap'n

What's the purpose of the body primer, is it necessary?

I have all weather mats in mine which work well.
I put the primer down as a corrosion barrier...also it is less slick after it dries than the original paint on the floorboards for better adhesion of the truck liner spray...exactly the reasons why you prime a car body before a paint job.
By the way, I also went out and bought the same rubber mats you do and put them in instead of the original carpet now I'm carpet-free and it looks good too.
i would love to see a picture of that?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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