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Could one have purchased a brand-new 1983 Corona wagon with every factory option in northern California for under $10K OTD back in that year?

Would this have included automatic transmission, factory air conditioning, power steering, AM/FM stereo cassette and luggage rack in that under $10K price tag?

Was cruise control and power windows available on this model that year?

It certainly would have had CA emissions.

What was the most powerful engine option in that car that year from CA?

I know the Cressida wagon listed for over $10K that year.

I tend to think of the Corona of old as a cut above Corolla for luxury and amenities back during its era.

There was also Corolla Deluxe but I don't know how fancy that car could have been equipped.

I do believe if one tried to get a compact wagon from any of the Big Three (Chevrolet Cavalier, Ford Escort, Plymouth/Dodge K cars) that year
they would have been getting screwed. I think a better-quality/better-equipped car for the money came from Japan.

I don't think one could get a very good small wagon value from any European car that year including Volkswagen.

I believe one got a better value for a well-equipped compact station wagon that year by buying Japanese: from Datsun/Nissan, Honda but from Toyota especially.
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