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Washed and Waxed Camry Sporting my New Rims!

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Washed and Waxed Camry Sporting my New Rims! Now with working Pics!

My clean and shiny camry, showing of my new rims! and a fresh coat of wax

and a few interior, just because its clean now too!

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yea the links arent working
damn it
make a cardomain page.. post all the pics of the car and give some details..

car looks good now that pics are working

*edit* took the pic down after saw the news...sorry everyone

bump! because of the working condition of the pics:D
HOLY SHIT that's a sweet gen2... but is that interior painting or Armor-all inside? I don't honestly recall seeing a gen2 with a black interior.

Almost wishing I kept mine after seeing that... Very nice

lookin good mate :thumbup: i like the black interior ... and the celica rims

its painted. it was brown, i dont really like it that much but its better than the brown that was there before. Im currently looking for a junk camry with a gray interior to scavange from, convert the whole thing over to gray
no don't convert to grey just redo the grey inserts it looks nice:thumbup:
Thats a pretty car, it definitely needs to be dropped now.
the side profile shot does make it look really jacked up, but its an illusion from all the black blending together.

it could use a drop, but thats expensive.
Damn! what year is your car again?! That's one of the shiny-est gen2 I've seen :thumbup:

Nice speaker pods in the door. They're obviously custom no?
Haha, the paint is about a year old, and i waxed it that day so its lookin sweet for the moment.

The speaker pods are definatly custom.:lol:

1991 Toyota Camry DX auto 3sfe (BONE STOCK)
bunch of kicker speakers
panasonic radio
kicker amp
sony amp
1 Set of furry dice
1 kitty for the mirror:lol:
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Stevethecleric said:
it could use a drop, but thats expensive.

Right On. Wait until I get some pics...

The Krispy Kreme meet has to happen man..

Props man, looks fantastico :)
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