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Water coming in from undercarriage

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Hi all,

I have a 2002 Camry SE. I've noticed a water trickling sound when rounding turns today. I went to open my trunk using the trunk release on the driver side floor and noticed the carpeting was very wet (no smell, so I assume water). I then looked under the car and noticed what looked like a rubber stopper that I could push with my finger and actually get my finger into the interior of the car!

Does anyone know what this is and why water appears to be getting into the car? Could this be condensation from the air conditioner that is somehow collecting there? I noticed there's another "stopper" under the back driver's side door as well.

Thanks in advance!
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Yikes, leaks are hard to find. But if you noticed the sloshing soung, one of your drains are probably blocked. Check your a/c, sunroof (if you have one), vents, seals, etc. Also check trunk, water leaks in there collect in either the spare tire well, in Gen 3s there are two other wells, one with a plastic tray and the other is where you stow the jack. Mine leaks there, I believe through the trunk rubber and trickles into the left hand well. When enough collects,it sloshes around when driving and flows back into the passenger compartment, causing a wet spot on the back seat.At least thats what I think, no wise cracks here.
Get rid of the leak or you will have the dreaded smell soon.
Do not remove the rubbers, they are there to keep water out.
Fix can be extreme as tearing all carpets out and having someone hosing one part of the car at a time with you inside with a flashlight. Good luck, hope you get it.
Is your car still under warranty? If so, have them fix it.
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This was discuss before, I forget what the reason was, try doing a search using water in camry or water carpet... you may also want to search
There is a recent recall for this, email me at [email protected] and I'll find it and email it to you.
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