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water inside the trunk HELP

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:facepalm: HI
I have a2004 celica with 70.000 kms
I am getting water under the spare tire.
Anybody had this issue .
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Also, its unlikely to be an issue but it was for me, make sure the trunk is aligned correctly.
i have the same car with the same problem, but it only statered after being rear ended by a truck, i got a new bumper but it still leaks D:
zapps as well, definitely check the aignment of all the panels and trunk lid back there. you could have a perfectly good seal but if the trunk doesn't sit correctly water could pour in.
A lot of cars have this issue after being in a wreck. It's sad, but it happens.
alright, i just re-aligned them so next time it rains i'll let you all know what happens, thanks :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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