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Water leak someone please help meeeeee

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Hello all,
I have a 2000 Toyota Camry that I purchased certified used.
I hope someone can help me out. I've recently noticed that whenever there's a big downpour or I go through a puddle, my driver's side, front and back floor rugs get soaked. The back carpet on my driver's side is the worst, you can actually leave a sock down there and wring it out. The passenger side however is unaffected. I took it to Toyota and they said they'd have to charge me $200 just to find the leak, not even fix it! This seems ridiculous to me. Can anyone tell me where to look so that perhaps I can find the leak myself. I must note that, the seats are not wet, so I don't think it's coming from the windows, and it's only the driver's side that is affected. Thanks
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Inspect more..

I've never seen a carpet come out without taking the seats out of the vehicle first. Also.., I can assure you that dealers and just about nobody likes to work on water leaks, the only time they want to is if the car is under warranty and they can be a real bear to diagnose. Initially all you need to do is find about where the water is coming in, then keep narrowing it down further and further. Next time it rains bring a buddy and have him try and figure out where the leakage is starting or coming from initially, keep trying the hose method. If its not a bad door seal, then you've got a hole punched in the body of the car somewhere and some way the water is being sucked in or draining in via gravity. I don't know.., I used to have an old ford pickup with a huge gaping hold in the floor and I never ever got any rain coming in.
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