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water leaking from radiator. help

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hello everyone. We have a toyota camry 93' LE Stationwagon
About a month ago my mom got into a car wreck, and ever since water has been leaking from the radiator.
Since we still need to get around town and live our lives, we always add water to the radiator before we go anywhere because alot of water leaks out (about a third of a gallon or more each time we go somewhere) we think that the water pump is involved somehow, but i am not really sure.
Only two days ago, i filled the radiator with water and headed back home and a few minutes later, we could see steam coming out of the car and the engine temperature indicator needle was pointing to HOT (it was as high as possible) We were stranded waiting for the engine to cool down.:confused:

help would be appreciated.
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do you know where the leak is? said something about the water that where you think the leak is?... Have you taken the car in to find out the trouble?

It should not be leaking that much at all.

You said something about an you see damage to the radiator?

Heres something to do: warm up the the hood look for the leak, follow where the steam leads you to. a visual inspection...feel the hoses.. look under the car to see where the water is dripping from.

basically, you need to find the problem and fix it, the engine's cooling system needs to be maintain other wise this could lead to serious trouble and expense.
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