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Water pump leak?

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Hey guys.
Well, another hot and humid day here in Florida. So, to the point. I was driving home from my cousins house. I pull in, wait for my dad to get in his van so we can move vehicles, and I park it after.
He comes out of his van and says: I think your water pump is leaking. He pointed to a, admittedly, large and long trail of, what I and my father assume to be, water. I tried to assure him it was probably condensation, which I'm sure it is, but he seems really worked up about it. We had the water pump replaced about 700 miles ago, and haven't had any problems with it. My temp gauge is reading normal as well. He looked under and saw drips near the back end, or so, of the engine bay (It was dark and I couldn't get under it) dripping about 1 per 1.5 seconds. I'm relatively sure it's nothing to be concerned about, but I would like to know where the water pump is on a 2.2L 4cyl 1993 Camry, and what a water pump leak could be characterized by.
My dad could also be drunk. I got that aura from him. xP
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water pump is locate inside your timebelt cover. if your water pump leaks, you will see antifreeze color RED (for toyota) under the car. look for RED antifreeze where it's locate under the car behind the alternator belt. you have to look under the car to see if you can see RED antifreeze (toyota)... look see what color of antifreeze you have in your reservoire. if water pump leaks, fixed it or don't drive while the water pump leaks...
Tomorrow I will have a look at it. Any additional comments are welcome.
Check the level of coolant in your radiator (when cold) and overflow tank. If the level isn't dropping then you don't have a water pump leak. As mentioned, the waterpump is by the timing belt at the front of the engine (passenger side of the engine compartment).
It could be. I have noticed more than usual water coming from it. How can I tell?
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