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WAX your Venza ASAP

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OK this is my first concern about the Venza. The Paint Scratches very easy:headbang:. I suggest to everyone to Wax your Venza the first chance you get. I have scratched mine twice already. Nothing major but I take very good care of mine and its upsetting. I heard two storeys: Wait the paint needs to cure and I talked to someone at Mothers Car Wax Co. and they said wax now. So this weekend that is what I plan to do. This should help the paint from scrathing. I have owned mine for about 7 weeks and it was built in Feb.
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can you remind us what color scheme you got on you venza? I have the cassis red Avalon ...... is shows all kinds of swirls and scratches.... which is one reason I went for the lighter color bizzard pearl...... hope I didn't turn into a problem...:confused:

Thanks for an update
I have the Golden Umber Mica, Tan interior.
great color....also a favorite of mine but with the red cassis experience as I explained I went for the lighter color this time so superficial scratches and swirls as they occur would be less obvious...... as a suggestion, if you don't already have one, you might want to invest in a orbital polisher like the porter cable buffer with special pads...... it will make the job easier in maintaining the finish you want and minimizing swirl and scratches. I've been advised to avoid the high speed buffers because of the potential to burn the paint...... if/when you become interested in such a system I can forward that info..... If I remember correctly it was about $150 on Amazon.

I bought one when I had my sequioa saved alot of time an effort
Deepsouth have you checked out the detailing forum on this board - there seems to be a lot of information that may help you - that PC random orbital buffuer is mentioned quite a bit.

I know I will be back there when I get my Venza.

I have the Golden Umber Mica, Tan interior.
oooooh crap! :eek:
I glanced at it but will look again Thanks
Thin paint on new cars is because of all of the environmental regulation. It doesn't matter the brand or make. Clay and wax your car but don't use circular motions because that causes swirl marks!
I have the Golden Umber so swirl marks probably will show more than the white sequioa I had. I used a buffer on the sequioa and it worked good no swirl marks.
Ours is in Blizzard Pearl. Just picked it up and will give it a good coating this week. Thanks
After a week and change I can definitely see the need to wax this vehicle ASAP. I already have some minor paint damage from bird crap. It stuck to my car like concrete and after removing it with my quick detailer, I saw some light scratches and slight staining :(

Then to further piss me off, I already noticed a couple small stone chips on the bumper. One is quite noticeable and will likely need some touch up. The Venza has a large, fairly flat bumper area and I can see this will make a great target for stones and other road debris...sigh
Got some cash laying around?....try this stuff:

$175 is a bargain once you use it. Very long lasting!

Bird crap is really nasty, always remove it as soon as possible. It will etch into your clear coat very fast, especially in the sun. I have a small QD bottle with a microfiber towel just in case those winged rodents do their thing on my trucks!

Make sure you wash off the bird dropings as soon as you see it.If nothing else just hose it until you can wash with a soft cloth and water.
I use to follow to close to other vehicles but that causes depree to kick back on mine .So now I make sure if possible to keep at least a car length behind for every 10 MPH I go.
What type of wax do you use? I use Mothers Gold.
I realize this is somewhat off topic but it is related to presrving the paint...... Given the thin, no-lead paint application of toyota paint and my concern for the paint issues discussed here, I opted to add the clear bra to the entire front end... after the install you simply treat the protective film as the regular paint surface by cleaning and waxing it.... just another thought in the effort to minimize road damage....
Got some cash laying around?....try this stuff:

$175 is a bargain once you use it. Very long lasting!

Bird crap is really nasty, always remove it as soon as possible. It will etch into your clear coat very fast, especially in the sun. I have a small QD bottle with a microfiber towel just in case those winged rodents do their thing on my trucks!

Yikes! That's a lot of cake for a car wax. Does the price include some hot Fraline applying it?.. lol No doubt a great product but that would run me over $200 canuck bucks to get it here. The small bottle of QD is a great idea and I will not leave this morning without it...Thanks!

deepsouth.. I only have the turtle wax ICE polish so far. This weekend I will get it waxed. Sucks having no time during the week to deal with this.

nhcycle.. My appointment for the 3m clear bra is this Friday. And now seeing how fast it got damaged I only wish I booked sooner. I was originally not going to apply it to the bumper and now with the little chips not sure what to do. :( Thoughts?

I would suggest you call the installer and discuss as to where and how big the chips are.... they can advise as to whether or not to touch up prior to appling the Protective film....the chips may be small enough so as not to require any touchup.

just a a reminder..... the hood kit should cover up 18-20" above the emblem..... IF they charge extra for it, you won't be disapointed....some of the kits ony cove 10-12" which is simply inadequate. The flat leading edge of the bumper got me thinking about the clear bra initially..... another tip.... go over what is going to be specifically covered on the bumper.... there are a lot of compound curves - especially in the fog light wells..... All leading edges need to be covered.....

I'd ask the installer how many Venzas they've done.... they are not easy. when I picked up up the car I awas not pleased.....they didn't apply the "right" kit and they had to take the kit off and perform a do-over....

The protection being paid for is only good as the installer..... I paid $595 from my install... prices were all over the map... The independent guys are like gypsies..... they are all over the place and hard to track down after the fact if ya have a problem.... I went through the dealership and was very helpful with the "wrong" kit being applied and redone. don't kow who/where you are scheduled for your install....

Another tip: have the installer make an extra wide/deep clear rear bumper cover if ya haven't applied the black Toyota protector..... mine covers the top flat surface and wraps over down 2/3's the way down the bumper face. these guys pay about $3.50/ft for bulk 12" film....and litterally only takes minutes to cut and apply. so IF they charge you, $50 is fair.... I got mine inlcuded in the quote.

Sorry for being so verbose but irrespective of the cost, it has to be done right or it won't look good and remind you everytine you look at it......

- Bob
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Verbose away Bob! :) This is great information and I appreciate you taking the time to provide it. I have emailed my installer and posed these questions. Cheers!
I Bet they are swamped with Venzas. Im just kidding. I don't think any installer has worked on the Venza. They have only been out for a few months.
So your comment I'd ask the installer how many Venzas they've done.... they are not easy. might be an over statement. I haven't seen but one Venza in my town

There certaily aren't may Venzas out there yet and fewer yet that have had the clear brar film applied, but an installer that has done only a handful is better than your venza being the 1st.... so the question is still somewhat valid..... if question is asked and the answer is none or a couple.... ya might need to see the end-product of their work by asking for a reference customer to see their venza before ya commit to their install....and fork over the $$$$ for a job with unknown outcomes. With that being said, it still doesn't guarranty ya won't have a problem...... but it at least establishes an understanding between the car owner and the installer as to what they are going to do and what the expectations are..... especially if the install doesn't go well.....

the installer that did mine had installed film on 8 venzas... I was the first to complain about the coverage of their kit... which suggest a lot of people just don't look beyond the superficial. I am not a perfectionist but when I pointed out the problems (a lot of leading edges exposed and the hood cover wasn't high enough vs. what I requested), the dealership agreed and backed me up. The installer couldn't argue about his kits short-comings...... he did acknowledge it was a complicated install to adequately cover all the exposed surfaces. He used my Venza as a real-time template to get his kit revised.

Conclusion: Venza owners should strongly consider front-end paint protection, but perform due dilligence in selecting an installer with the best info/feedback possible.
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