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Well spring is near and it's time that I can finally wash the car in my driveway again. I also want to give it a coat of wax since the last time it was done was pre-winter by the dealer. I do not have a buffer, but was just looking for suggestions on what kind of wax everyone uses, and why, whether it be a wipe on wipe off, or a single application wax and what they use to put it on with.

American or Canadian brands don't matter as I live on the border and can easily go purchase in the states.

PS - I've never actually waxed a vehicle before so any pointers are welcome!!
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Collinite 845 is a very good wax. You may have to buy it online.
It leaves a good shine and last very well.
in the summer of 2008 and before winter came i used to wash my 2009 corolla with turtle wax F21 car wash every week or every 2 weeks. after washing i wax it using turtle wax ice if i know i dont have much time to spend but if i do have much time to spare i use mothers FX synwax and powerball 4paint to achieve a deep scratch and swirl free shine. i tell you that you will love the shine and make your car always brand looking new.
I second OkSlim on the collinite 845. Easy on and off and lasts very long. Check out ebay, they have it for 12 shipped. Thats where I get it from and also check out for more info on detailing.
Meguiar's Quick Wax, or Eagle One Wax As-U-Dry.
Any of those worked perfectly to me. Available practically everywhere and inexpensive.

I use Turtle Wax Ice aswell and its good, gives a great shine.
I've never waxed my car until a month ago. But i know turtle wax aint' the best out there. Any other suggestions?
I've used Nu-Finish since 1990. Served me well for all those years. Maybe not the best shine of all the waxs but the longer lasting one in my book.

Remember there is a lots of HYPE in this type of product dont waiste your money.
Duragloss 101. You will not find elsewhere easier application, removal, light cleaning, protection, longevity and shine in one product. Apply with microfiber or cotton applicator. Heavily based carnuba based products will give you the absolutely best shine but do not clean and longevity is an issue with all biodegradeable products. Check out Duralgaloss at: .
Pretty much anything from Mother's or Meguiars will produce good results for not much money.
This site has some pretty good stuff
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