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ways to clean up the engine bay

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i was looking for ways to dress up the engine bay a little. i polished the valve cover and piping, but its starting to corrode a little. no big deal. i just got a semi polish on them so i could powdercoat them later. first thing i was gonna do was get some simple green degreaser and do that a couple times. should help. but i was lookin for other ideas you guys had. is there any unnecessary stuff in the engine bay that can be removed? i was thinkin of gettin an aftermarket intake instead of just the aftermarket filter to get rid of that ugly box, but i have the dual scoops, and i dont want water gettin in the intake. also, if you have pics of your bay, please show them.
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Dont plan on getting rid of that "big ugly box" unless you have an EMS or something equiv. to take it's place. That is your Air flow meter..... you're car isn't gonna run without that. ;)
Correct, you need an HKS VPC or an EMS to get rid of the AFM.

Powder Caoting does wonders and you simply wipe it off to keep it clean!

Here's my engine bay:

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i thought when you buy the k and n intake that it has the little adapter so the filter is on the end of the afm, but the filter is exposed to open air. it doesnt? also j and h, the bay looks great, but part of that is the intake mani and piping, which i dont have, since i have the stock turbo mani and piping. once i get my pics hosted, ill show ya, but i was thinkin all the rubber hose would look nice if it were one color, like say, blue. i dont mean rice the car out, but clean it up a bit. i was plannin on powdercoating my valve cover and piping in black chrome. i figure stuff like that, and hoses that are clean and a nice color should spruce the car up a little to enjoy before i sell it later this year. basically, im goin to japan again in november, and im reregistering my skyline, but i love the mr2 and take good care of it, but when i sell it i wanna sell it to someone who doesnt look at the car as ok with some stuff that he can fix or life with, but i wanna sell it to someone who loves the car and appreciates everything ive done to it.
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Very pretty engine bay J&H !!

What charge pipes are those, and what exactly was powdercoated in your bay except the valve cover?
If buy the big ugly box.... you mean the airbox... ya.... you can remove that.
vrt_firestarter, the K&N does coem with an adapter for the AFM.
I no longer have the AFM and I am using a special order K&N filter ... it is 8" X 14 "

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I have the GREddy IC and those are the pipes that come with it.
Here is my engine bay before the intake manifold was added:

What I had powdercoated:
*valve cover
*OEM IC pipe w/adapter for BPV
*bracket that holds up the BPV pipe
*4 GReddy IC pipes
*ATS Throttle Body Inlet
*Throttle Body
*T-body bracket
*Throttle cable bracket
*PCV pip going into my little K&N
*the bracket/vac tubes on the driver side of the valve cover
*my custom K&N air filter bracket
*Intake Manifold
*EGR block-off plate

... I'm sure I am missin soemthing.
I painted my heat shield red yesterday and I am going ot go out and take a new photo .... should have it on here with the next 2 hours.
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This will be my last bit of engine dress up for a while.

I painted the heat shield red ~ hadn't had one on in 3 years.
I also rewrapped the downpipe. You can see the opening for hte LM1 wideband cut into the heat shield.

Newly powder coated is: RMR intake manifoldr, throttle body, throttle cable bracket, custom K&N filter adapter, turbo inlet pipe and the PCV pipe under my little K&N

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so far, yours is the only one that i have seen, but thats mostly aftermarket and stuff. not just dress up items
sorry for the hijacking ... but

say JekylandHyde ... where did you get those vented side pieces or did you make them yourself? i've been wanting to do that to mine, but if i can buy them that would be great, too.


by the way, VERY NICE!!! :D
I bought the side panels used ... I believe you can buy them new through ... or whoever seels Erebuni products.
I you want it to be really clean you can do like i am and just take out the engine and all and clean it all with carb cleaner and engine degreaser and then paint the block and head and valve cover and all take a look here at mine
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