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weapon-r dragon intake

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deos any body know if the weapon-r dragon intake comes with all the parts or do u need to buy some
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i heard all the parts.
They come with everything. Every intake does unless you buy an eBay one or something. But you still have to hook up all the sensors.

Please you the "Search" button. This is your third intake thread this week. Everything you need is on the forum. You just have to look for it.:)
Got it

Hey ive got a weapon r intake. The intake I got came with everything except a cleaner. I bought an extra hose clamp to put on the filter just for extra security. Its a nice mod but the extra power is only felt when you start to get into higher rpm's on take off you lose low end torque.
When I bought mine about 5 years ago, it didn't come with everything. Ihad to wait extra days to get the parts that I needed. Stupid weapon r...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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