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2011 Toyota Camry V6
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I know this thread is old but I finally bought the weapon R throttle controller for my camry a few weeks ago and installed it this morning. I still have to splice some wires because I have a scanguage and I want to use it. I didnt drive yet because I was busy cleaning it all day. I did notice a difference in park thou :grin: Some said in Eco 7 there is no response but i have a good amount.

EDIT: Drove it with it set on 9, this thing is amazing. The car feels totally different, it's more aggressive. Highly Recommended

When I installed it I didnt want it to be seen nor any wiring. I got an idea from "Bmr4life" but I didnt want to cut that much, or any part of the car. So I started taking the center console apart

Originally I was going to run the wire through this Hole made from the factory

and go all the way around through the center console

And out the side

But while putting everything back,the USB thing poped out and I thought running it through that hole was a better idea

But it didnt fit so I had to make a small incision in the lower left corner

It still didnt fit :headbang:

So i shaved off the insulation on about a inch of the harness

And the back

And its in

For the other part now,I took a plastic strap and tied it to a metal tube

You can even tell its there I love it :grin: The thing hanging down is the scanguage that goes to the OBD port. I figured Ill just splice into the power supply wire of the scanguage and have both of them working together. Hope it works

I really love that spot, Looks so cool at night. The pic is blurry

621 - 621 of 621 Posts